Vision, design and technology.

To create a perfect mold, first of all, a perfect project is needed and for us this means finding the right synergy between design needs and high technical performance..

The constant investments in R&D have allowed Sanvito & Somaschini to organize a highly qualified design department, which collaborates closely with its partners in every phase of co-design and analysis, in order to meet the highest quality standards in the shortest possible time.

Our engineering and co-design services

  • Feasibility: feasibility study based on the 3D design provided by the Style Office.
  • Co-design: creation of a functional design, aesthetically exclusive and able to reduce the production costs.
  • Design: we shape the mold and all its components to create a model that can comply with all the parameters of the molding process.
  • Mold-flow: analysis and definition of the number and position of injection points, as well as the opening sequence.
  • Cooling: analysis and thermal simulation of the performance of the steel and the molded element to ensure absolute precision.
  • Kinematic Analysis: analysis and simulation of each movement of the mold inside the press for a constant performance over time.
  • FEM Analysis: analysis and structural simulation to ensure strenght, durability and continuity throughout the entire production cycle.

Head Office

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Branch Office

via Petrarca, 10 - 20838 Renate (MB) Italy
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