Accuracy, speed, efficiency.

To give shape to the material, two elements are needed that are as distinct as they are complementary: a space with cutting-edge machines and a highly qualified and experienced team.

The main mechanical processes take place in our plant of over 5,500 sqm in Carate Brianza, where we drill and mill the steel blocks to give the first shape to the mold.

The details of Sanvito & Somaschini molds, whether they are large or intended for the molding of the lighting division, are regularly checked by our quality. Subsequently, they are transferred to the 6,500 sqm production site in Renate, where specialized teams begin the assembly phases.

The accurate milling and finishing operations represent an added value in terms of efficiency of Sanvito & Somaschini which, thanks to a know-how and experience of over 50 years in the sector, guarantees its molds not only the highest technological standards, but also the quality and precision of the craftsmanship that has always distinguished made in Italy in the world.

Every step of the mechanical processing is supervised by the Quality Department, which verifies compliance with the strictest quality standards, from the raw material to the semi-finished, of everything we produce internally and of what we receive from our partners, from the finished mold to the entire try-out process, with the aim of ensuring the best performance of the mold during its production cycle.

Head Office

via del Valà, 21 - 20841 Carate Brianza (MB) Italy
Ph. +39 0362.91631 Fax. +32 0362.904087

Branch Office

via Petrarca, 10 - 20838 Renate (MB) Italy
Ph. +39 0362.91671 Fax. +32 0362.924094

P.IVA IT00710310962 / CF 01361220153 / codice SDI A4707H7